I needed to deploy a bunch of Rserve instances in AWS, but there weren’t any available cookbooks for doing such a thing on the chef supermarket yet. I rolled up my sleeves and created one. I hope people find it useful and/or contribute. I would have used CentOS 7, but Rserve still isn’t installing properly there. There are some missing libraries.

The cookbook sets up a daemon and listens on port 6311.

Download Rserve cookbook

You can download the Rserve cookbook on github at github.com/integrii/rserve or via the chef supermarket at supermarket.chef.io/cookbooks/rserve. Additionally, you can install the cookbook with knife using this command: knife cookbook site download rserve.

Adding Cookbook to Run List

There aren’t any options to configure yet, so all you need to do is add the recipe to your node run list or role run list. I suppose you could also use it with Chef zero. Check the readme.md file on github for more syntax help.


I would be very happy to see people contribute to the cookbook. Most importantly, I didn’t setup a /etc/rserve.conf file with default attributes for easy tuning. Should be easy to setup a template if someone wants to help! Fork me on github and submit a pull request.

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