I have been writing an application that is planned to scale pretty big. This means that every 1% of processing time saved turns into a big bottom line difference in the budget. I created LightningPHP to work very similar to CodeIgniter but to more importantly and always foremost run extremely fast. During my tests, my code ran 15 times faster with HHVM and LightningPHP over Codeigniter, PHP and Apache.

Check it out on Github at integrii/LightningPHP - it is well documented!

Another PHP Framework?

I know what you're thinking - “not another MVC framework”… But this one is different. LightningPHP is an entire MVC framework built into a single class that uses pointers and includes nothing beyond the basic MVC functions by default. Nothing is assumed. Not even MySQL support. Here is a quick feature list:

  • Extremely fast loading
  • Extremely small memory footprint
  • Extremely simple
  • A single small class that does it all!
  • Memory pointers
  • Easy loading of nearly any library you can find
  • Fully HHVM compatible

Similar to CodeIgniter

I wanted something as easy to use as CodeIgniter but without all the baggage. The loaders work very similarly as a result:

  • Models $this->loadModel('')
  • Views $this->loadView('')
  • Controllers $this->loadController('')
  • Libraries $this->loadLibrary('')
  • Configs $this->loadConfig('') and $this->getConfig('')

Get Started

To get started using LightningPHP, download the source for release 1 and unzip it to your PHP or HHVM web server webroot. When you start it up you will see a Welcoem to LightningPHP page that comes with a sample controller, model, view, config and library. Use these pages as templates to start coding your app!

Contributions Welcome

I am eager to have community contribution and feedback on LightningPHP. I do know that it scored a solid 4/4 on Code Climate with its first examination. I also know it is the fastest MVC framework you're going to find. Lets keep it simple, fast and make it great! Fork me and send a pull request or submit an issue.

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