Disable 'Bluetooth Disconnected' alerts on Garmin Vivosmart

What is a Vivosmart?

The Garmin Vivosmart is one of the simplest smart watches out there. It does not have a LED backlight screen and only displays one color. However, that means that it is small, comfortable, inexpensive, and has a seven day battery life without needing to be charged. You still get vibrating alerts sent directly to your wrist, though… and thats what allows you to keep your phone in your pocket.

The problems and solutions

The problems with this watch are within the required configuration. Out of the box, the watch vibrates every time it looses or gains bluetooth connection to your phone and won’t show notifications beyond SMS and phone calls. That does not sound horrible, but the constant alerts for connectivity make you stop checking it and the missing notifications from other apps like facebook or your banking stuff really makes it useless.

Alas, these things are all mendable. Here is how you do it.

To add app notifications to your Garmin Vivosmart on Android:

- Open the Garmin connect app
- Choose settings from the hamburger menu
- Select 'Smart Notifications'
- Tap the menu icon in the top right
- Select Add
- Choose the application you want notifications for

So now you have working notifications from your other apps!

To disable the very annoying ‘Bluetooth Disconnected’ and ‘Bluetooth Connected’ notifications on your Garmin Vivosmart:

- Wake up your watch with a double tap
- Hold down on the screen until the activity, sleep, and brightness settings appear
- Swipe to the left two times to reveal a bluetooth icon
- Tap the bluetooth icon
- Tap the right arrow until you see 'Hide Alerts'
- Tap the text that says 'Hide alerts' (note: next time this will say 'show alerts')
- Tap the back button

Done! Now you have your third party app notifications AND the annoying bluetooth notifications are gone.

You can grab a Garmin Vivosmart for less than $90 right now.