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Technology Enthusiast


I am an avid technologist with a lifetime love of computers and technology. As a result, I have experience with an extremely wide range of programming languages, operating systems, and technical positions. I bring a personable but professional attitude that enables me to motivate and lead teams of professionals in fast paced and highly technical environments. I have experienced two company acquisitions and regularly contribute to open source projects. In my recreational time I enjoy archery, sport driving, and of course PC gaming.

Employment History

Comcast (Principal Cloud Engineer) June 2017 to now
  • Worked in-depth with Kubernetes, functioning as a subject matter expert for the division.
  • Functioned as the subject matter expert and advocate for the Go programming language.
  • Functioned as the leader for a team that deployed and managed six production Kubernetes clusters.
  • Scaled and benchmarked Kubernetes deployments sized as large as 500 nodes.
  • Developed a fully self-healing Kubernetes solution deployed on AWS that included automatic scaling up and down among other features.
  • Earned a company wide award for greatly exceeding expectations with Kubernetes.
  • Created and open sourced a project for executing complex health checks on Kubernetes clusters, exposing a simple endpoint that accurately indicates cluster health.
  • Implemented advanced tooling for deploying and maintaining Kubernetes clusters on AWS using kops.
  • Created automation that deploys and maintains Lambda functions.
  • Worked with various F5 devices to automate the migration of hundreds of production VIPs to new IPs and hardware.
  • Contributed to Kubernetes projects such as kops, cluster autoscaler, and heapster.
  • Created a Go package that enabled the automation of Google Chrome in headless mode for a personal project. (Founder and VP of Engineering) January 2015 to June 2017
  • Created machine learning software to identify significant places users frequent and when they commute to those places by day of week and time of day.
  • Created machine learning software to correlate household events and conditions with desired actions. (When someone gets home, a specific door unlocks or a garage door opens)
  • Created machine learning software that identifies highly unusual conditions in a household.
  • Developed and engineered a service oriented architecture to facilitate the serving of API requests and the scalable processing of back end machine learning processes.
  • Managed a team of developers through production of an Android and iOS client along with location tracking libraries for each.
  • Designed a Raspberry Pi alarm system with working LEDs, motion sensors, cameras, and speakers.
  • Worked with Zigbee, ZWave, Bluetooth LE, and iBeacons in various ways.
  • Integrated with Comcast Xfinity Home, Vivint, ADT Pulse, Wink, Nest, SmartThings, and many more.
  • Created a real time ride share experience similar to Uber using WebSockets.
  • Deployed production CassandraDB, ScyllaDB, Redis, MariaDB, and CouchDB clusters.
  • Created benchmarking software to simulate dynamic user activity and location tracking variances accurately.
  • Deployed Chef to automate deployment and configuration of new AWS nodes automatically.
thePlatform/Comcast (Lead Systems Engineer) January 2012 to January 2015
  • Wrote software that automated VM kickstart procedure with a user facing website that greatly improved the process of requesting and building VMs.
  • Acted as a leader for a team that supported the infrastructure that served Comcast’s digital streaming video content.
  • Specified and built hardware for a datacenter deployment in London to better serve overseas customers.
  • Responsible for the hosting of over 3,000 VMs running both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Deployed Chef to all servers across all environments to enable centralized configuration management and automated deployment.
Valve Software (Employee) July 2012 to January 2012
  • Designed and laser cut a custom PC case to prevent overheating on first steam box prototype.
  • Analyzed PCI compliance status of the company and its practices.
  • Managed setup, operation, and tear down of PAX West booth.
  • Wrote PowerShell scripts that allowed the company to send emails by floors dynamically as users relocated frequently.
  • Deployed redundant Linux web cluster for high traffic wiki hosting.
Visa (Systems Engineer) via acquisitionMarch 2011 to July 2012
  • Worked daily in a PCI level 3 environment.
  • Deployed VMWare ESXi servers and transferred systems into a consolidated VM solution.
PlaySpan (Systems Engineer) via acquisitionJuly 2008 to March 2011
  • Deployed database schema changes and published code to production
  • Deployed Splunk and enabled developers to track web server logs in real time.
  • Managed a helpdesk that supported users located around the globe.
  • Setup and managed an Active Directory forest across four physical sites.
PayByCash (Systems Administrator)February 2008 to July 2008
  • Setup a PCI level 3 vault and procedure set that passed compliance tests.
  • Managed Subversion codebase for a team of programmers.
  • Deployed company-wide anti-virus solution that successfully prevented several attacks.
HostedGameServers (Founder)May 2008 to April 2014
  • Wrote, automated, advertised, launched, and managed as a side project.
  • Created a custom user control panel that integrated over 30 different games running on both Windows and Linux.
  • Employed several support personnel.
  • Employed an SEO campaign to attain top rankings for popular terms.
  • Served 11,000 unique customers around the world.
Blue Ridge Internetworks (Systems Administrator)April 2007 to February 2008
  • Gained a personal letter of recommendation from famed Richard Garriott.
  • Worked with clients to move hardware into a datacenter and deploy server systems efficiently.
  • Wrote and managed redundant monitoring systems for services, drive space, mail queues and more.
Velocity Computer Solutions (Founder)December 2005 to April 2008
  • Created a company by going door to door and making use of advertising materials.
  • Created a full time steady client base within 6 months.
  • Served in the consultant capacity for software, hardware and website technologies across many various companies of different types.
  • Helped clients better search engine rank through SEO optimization campaigns.
Gravitys Edge (Head Technician)July 2004 to December 2005
  • Performed troubleshooting and analysis on customer systems.
  • Created networks for home users and small businesses.
  • Implemented a ticket based repair process that increased productivity.

Technological Proficiencies


Golang, PHP/Hack, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, Bash, Java, PowerShell, xHTML/CSS, Python, Javascript, R


Cisco UCS, NetApp, F5 Load Balancers, Supermicro, Silicon Mechanics, EMC Isilon, Dell PowerEdge Series, HP, Raspberry Pi


Redis, CouchDB, MariaDB, MSSQL, Cassandra, ScyllaDB, BoltDB

Other Mentionable Software and Services

Android Studio, Google Compute Engine, XCode, Nginx, Apache2, RStudio, Chef, Docker, NodeJS, Redis, Active Directory, Rserve, SharePoint, Exchange Server, CentOS, AWS, Ansible, DigitalOcean, Photoshop, Hugo, Jekyll, Akamai, Google Cloud, Windows Server, VMWare ESXi, Subversion, git, Splunk, PhantomJS, vim, Atom, Slack, Ubuntu, WebSockets, MacOS

Notable Open Source Contributions

  • headlessChrome (Creator)
    A Go package for working with headless Chrome. Run interactive JavaScript commands on web pages with Go and Chrome.

  • interactive (Creator)
    Execute and interact with processes using Go and channels.

  • LightningPHP (Creator)
    A very fast micro MVC framework designed to work with HHVM.

  • Go Redis Migrator (Creator)
    Featured in Redis Labs newsletter. Written in Golang. Migrates Redis data from a source host or cluster to a destination host or cluster.

  • rserve Chef cookbook (Creator)
    Rserve is a Chef cookbook that deploys R on CentOS 6 and sets up a daemon for Rserve. Makes it possible to quickly and easily deploy lots of Rserve hosts.

  • hugo (Contributor)
    Contributed fix for how sections are determined where no parent directory or default layout is present. Also improved documentation on the subject.

Notable Publications

Contact Information


References available upon request.

This resume was written with Markdown, using vim as an editor, then statically rendered with Jekyll, packaged with Docker, and served with Caddy from a Kubernetes deployment.

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