folioGallery - drop in PHP gallery


What is it?

folioGallery is an easy to use gallery written by Harry G of Just drop it on your PHP web server and edit foliogallery.php to point the $mainFolder variable to the location of your pictures you want hosted. If you are like me, this makes it super easy to turn your pile of home pictures into a browsable website in just a few minutes!


I found out that when I tried to drop this into my home picture active, it could not handle thousands of pictures in a single album. I dove into the code and fixed it up, then published my updated version on Github here. I also changed the pagination to be page numbers instead of bullets and tweaked the layout a bit.


  • A web server that is capable of serving PHP
  • Picture location that is accesible by the user your web server runs as (httpd/apache/www)
  • Download this zip file
  • Unzip it to your webroot
  • chgrp -R apache /your/pictures/directory
  • Edit foliogallery.php and change the $mainFolder variable to point to your pictures
  • Open a browser and point it to your webserver

Thank you to Harry G of for writing foliopages!