Download Files Natively with PowerShell

I just found this neat-o post by Bart De Smet on how to download files natively with PowerShell. Really awesome.

Sample from Bart's Blog:
PS C:\temp> $clnt = new-object System.Net.WebClient
PS C:\temp> $clnt | gm d*

TypeName: System.Net.WebClient

Name MemberType Definition
---- ---------- ----------
Dispose Method System.Void Dispose()
DownloadData Method System.Byte[] DownloadData(String address), S...
DownloadDataAsync Method System.Void DownloadDataAsync(Uri address), S...
DownloadFile Method System.Void DownloadFile(String address, Stri...
DownloadFileAsync Method System.Void DownloadFileAsync(Uri address, St...
DownloadString Method System.String DownloadString(String address),...
DownloadStringAsync Method System.Void DownloadStringAsync(Uri address),...

PS C:\temp> $url = ""
PS C:\temp> $file = "c:\temp\ps.txt"
PS C:\temp> $clnt.DownloadFile($url,$file)

He also wrote a cmdlet that has download progress built in, that is here.

A simple thing that everyone should have in their toolbox.