Change *.ps1 Icons to PowerShell Icons

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This is kind of a standard windows thing, but I thought I would share anyway because most people probably didn't know they could do this and well, it's just plain handy. Basically were chaning files that have a .ps1 extension to have a powershell icon instead of a windows text document icon.

Step 1
Open the folder where you want the icons to appear differently and make sure you have a few in there.

Step 2
Click the Tools menu, then choose 'Folder Options'. Click the 'File Types' tab after that.

Step 3
Click on the PS1 file extension listed and click Advanced on the bottom of the window.

Step 4
Click 'Change Icon' and paste this path (without quotes):


Step 5
Click 'Ok' then click 'Ok' on the next window.

Step 6