Bash connection monitoring with ping and tracert

My mom was complaining of her internet going out tonight, so I wrote a quick bash script to monitor her pings.

The script infinitely pings the target and logs the successes (or failures) into mom.log. No, you CAN’T change that log name. Okay, okay.. just kidding you can.

When the script detects a failure, it starts a tracert which it dumps to the same file. The result should be a list of successes and failures with tracerts for each failure. Take note this won’t work at all if pings are suppressed on the host you’re trying to monitor.

while [ 1 ]; do
ping -c 1 $ip 1> /dev/null
if [ $result == "1" ]; then
echo FAIL on `date` >> ~/mom.log
echo FAIL on `date`.  Doing tracert!
tracert $ip >> ~/mom.log
if [ $result == "0" ]; then
echo SUCCEED on `date` >> ~/mom.log
echo SUCCEED on `date`
sleep .4

Save that code into and then chmod +x it.

You’ll want to run this in a screen so its not dependent on your keeping your shell window open at all times. You can do that by running this command before you start the script: screen -S pingtest

Press control-a then the letter d to detach the screen so it resumes running in the background.

Later, when you want to stop the script, run this: screen -r pingtest

Sometimes simple things work well enough to make a note of!