Quickly see how much space each object in your current dir is using via command line in linux

EDIT: Apparently this is done with du -sh * for all files, du -sh */ for all directories. As a side note, you can use c in there to calculate the total size of all listed items. Thanks Yan Morin!

Sounds kinda stupid, but I was unable to find a trigger with du or dh to show the size of the directories in my current directory. If i did du -h it showed me the size of the file, but also showed me the size of every file within. I just wanted a high level overview of the total size of each folder I had in front of me.

I noticed du -h DirName showed the size of the dir or file on the last line....

A quick for loop solved the problem! Maybe it will be useful for someone else, too!

for d in *; do du -h "$d" | tail -n 1; done