Use rsync 2.0 with trickle for upload-limited differential data backup

Recently, I wanted to backup all my home pictures to my web hosting at, which has tons of transfer... but I wanted to do it with the linux server in my home. I yum'd in rsync, but it was version 3 and was incompatible with my web host.

Didn't seem like a problem.

So i downloaded version 2... but surprise, version two does not have a --limit option for bandwidth.

I did some searching and found a program called trickle, which through methods I don't fully understand can be successfully used to limit upload to 15Kb/sec for rsync as seen below:

rsync -a -r -e "trickle -u 15 ssh" --progress \usr\homeserv\Pictures

It helps to run this in a screen session that you can check up on.

I set this to run in cron.d and my pictures are automatically synced up behind the scenes for me and securely stored off-site. Yay!