Blurry colors and/or bleeding colors with hard to read text on Samsung SynchMaster P2370HD when hooked to HDMI on PC

So I just picked up a new GTX465 and was pleased as punch. The back of the new card has two DVI outs and a wonderful new little HDMI out in place of what used to be S-Video or whatever.

I am the proud owner of a nice Samsung 22in SynchMaster P2370HD tv which just so happens to work best with HDMI cables (or so I thought).

I plugged it in and colors were blurry, text was hard to read, the desk top was cut off and the screen was just plain horrible quality. I googled around for a long time and tried many options and fixed out. I installed the proper drives (which are a bitch to get from Samsung) and updated my video card drivers… no change! I messed with resolution, even though it should be the obvious default 1080p tv resolution - nothing helped!

People said the black level. People said the sharpness… yadda’ yadda’.

The real solution was thrice as obscure as any of that. The real solution involved renaming the Input! I know right? I found a post on Tom’s hardware that said this:

Edem C 09-16-2010 at 01:40:07 PM

Hi all,

I also now a proud owner of the same model Samsung Syncmaster P2370HD and I finally figured how to get around this blurry text problem:

Under Menu is the suboption Input with 2 other subordinate options. Navigate to Edit Name and choose the HDMI option.there you can state what device you are using,and the resolution problem would be settled as soon as you choose PC. and there you have your native resolution. hope i could help Have fun!


Edem C

Crazy enough… it friggin’ works!! There is some automatic settings change that happens in the monitor as soon as you scroll the input name down to PC and it just starts working magically. So to recap, Go to Input (2 little cables) choose HDMI then move down to PC in the list.

Don’t thank me, thank Edem C!