Unlocking a G1 from T-Mobile

When I heard about the first Google phone, the T-Mobile G1, I was stoked. As soon as they were available in my area I ordered two.

But then, with my infinate amount of luck, it turns out the T-Mobile service map was wrong and I didn't service in my area. The phone was only good for using wifi. I was horribly upset!

Because I never give up on tech easily, I set out to figure out a solution. The apn list on the G1 showed ATT in my area, and it seemed to have a good signal because it was always there. I did a bit of googling and it turns out that there is a website out there that will sell you an unlock code for about 20 bucks. Just google it... im not linking it here.

So i went ahead and found the IPMI number for a G1 I had on ebay and sent it in with my 20 bucks. They replied back pretty quick!

Next I went out and bought an ATT phone plan on a month to month billing cycle. Easy.

Then I stuck in my ATT sim card and turned on the phone. It prompted me for the unlock code. I have been told that a typo at this stage causes the phone to hardware lock... I typed very carefully... and it unlocked instantly!

But it wasnt working yet... the ATT APN settings had to be entered manually. The site I bought the unlock code from had some example ATT settings which I added. They seem to work well, but 3G does not work. From what I hear, it's possible to figure out a combination of settings that enables 3G but I don't get in my area and thus don't care enough to figure it out.

So not only have I unlocked my G1 and can use it at my house, but the resale value went up too! On EBay these phones are selling for more than you can buy an unlocked developer phone from google directly for. I won't lie... I've bought and resold a few!

I love the G1. Android is the obvious sucessor for phone operating systems in my eyes... especially since the list of features is just getting started. The key to using the G1 is to think of it as a computer first and a phone second. I can FTP, SSH, edit photos, make and use custom ringtones and tons more right on the phone. A matter of fact, I wrote this whole post right on the phone... sweet!