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Judging the Stupidity of GitHub Projects by Stars and Forks

Rserve Chef Cookbook Released

Disable 'Bluetooth Disconnected' alerts on Garmin Vivosmart

(go-redis-migrator) Migrate keys between Redis hosts or clusters using GO

git + markdown = ikiwiki

folioGallery - drop in PHP gallery

Meet LightningPHP

Google's new "inbox" freaks me out...

Just switched this blog to Jekyll

Redis Clustering - Setup on Centos 6 and Advanced Failover Testing

Blurry colors and/or bleeding colors with hard to read text on Samsung SynchMaster P2370HD when hooked to HDMI on PC

Bash connection monitoring with ping and tracert

Google is brutal with sitemap errors. Be Warned!

Game Servers... not 'SEVERS'! A tale of Google SEO.

Shorten links with right in the Chrome address bar

Swype keyboard is open for download for Android 1.5 and higher. Get it now!

Sorting images into folders based on exif year, month and date taken with bash

Google is weird how it crawls websites...

Adaptation to EricBackup.bat

GameGuard working on Windows 7 European Aion Beta Access (Fix for Error: 0)

Fetch the local weather and optionally put it on the footer of your motd

Adobe's AC_FL_RunContent and Lightbox 2 can't work at the same time in IE 7

Quickly see how much space each object in your current dir is using via command line in linux

Find an IP address and tons more in Apache logs with Regular Expression and egrep or grep

Some dell drivers not properly displayed when searching by service tag.

Start downloading .torrent files from anywhere with uTorrent and Dropbox

Boot UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) from your Android phone (T-Mobile G1)

Windows 7 has more than the others are saying.

Use Jing, It's pretty obvious why you should.

The power of the QR code

Windows 7 Halarity Ensues

Sound Blaster Audigy X-fi Xtreme Audio Crashes Windows 7

Unlocking a G1 from T-Mobile

Watch Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and more on your TV with 'PlayOn!'

Vista will NOT open more than 15 of an image, document or other file at the same time

Remote Desktop to Windows Mobile Devices

Skype 4 Beta is On the way to Success, but not there yet!

The HTC Diamond is AMAZING - I WANT!

SharePoint Services 3.0 Command Line Backup Script With 7 Day Full Retention and Email Reporting

FreshBooks Online Invoicing and Cleint Management

Disable UAC Security Warning Tray Baloon

Compiz desktop looks beautiful!

Backing up Sharepoint Services 3 via command line stsadm.exe

Simple BLAT.exe command line example (with email relay)

Some Useful Run Commands

How to GET a webpage with telnet.exe

How to set a static IP in Linux using ifconfig

Start++ is just awesome

FX5200 and 8800GT Video cards DO NOT work in the same system.

Outlook 2007 preview plane blank, input initials box flashes up, and Outlook will not close

Enable or disable 32bit IIS6 applications on Windows x64 versions

Use rsync 2.0 with trickle for upload-limited differential data backup

Windows Desktop Shortcut Hotkeys

VMWare Server Firewall Exceptions

Sage Software's Peachtree

What is with the crap speeds with eOpen?

How do you allow non-Domain Admin users on a Windows domain to install EXE programs from their account?

Distribute your own Certificate Authority cert via group policy

Looking for a VIA RAIO/SATA Driver for an Alienware PC?

Captcha and wordpress saved my blog

Off to the land of web design!

Web 2.0

Find Your IP using PowerShell and WMI Launched

Forum Birthday Notifications out the Wazzu.

Check Drivespace for Each Drive on a List of Remote Computers

FeedReader3 (Awesome Freeware RSS Reader)

ESET Releases Anti-Spam and Firewall Protection

Ping Checking with PowerShell [Updated 9/25/07]

The Solution to Windows Vista setup error code 0x80070241

Automatic and Dynamic All Purpose NTBackup.exe Script with Email Notifications and Log Archiving (EricBackup.bat)

Start & Stop Remote Service with WPS [Dynamic Version]

Start & Stop Remote Service with WPS [Static Version]

Baloon Popups with PowerShell

Download Files Natively with PowerShell

Overclocking, and Monitoring Tools

Popup Test!

PowerShell Quake Console Theme

Network Hardware Auditing and Comparison

Free PowerShell Stickers

Three Freeware Lists

Browse to Remote Passworded Shares

PowerShell PSExec Shortcut

Burn CDs from Command Line

PowerGadgets are Fun!

Do a 'Pause' with PowerShell

Run Silent PowerShell Tasks

A few New Useful Tools in Windows Vista

Save PowerShell Credentials Permanently

Change *.ps1 Icons to PowerShell Icons

Remotely Enable RDP with PowerShell

Delete files older than X days

Neat Powershell Tools

Some PowerShell notes... [Updated 6/26]

Copy then delete files older than X days [Updated 8/7/07]

The Legend of the ‘Punctured Stripe’

Error ID command line lookup (

PsExec Batch Shortcut

Auto-Ban FTP Attacks with Remote Service Install

Forward Messages to Phone in Exchange

Multi-Remote Desktop (RDP) via Run Line

Installing Microsoft CRM 3

List of Useful Commands

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