GameGuard working on Windows 7 European Aion Beta Access (Fix for Error: 0)

Did some digging because my stupid do nothing game guard client for Aion would just crash with error message 0 a few seconds after starting. Deleting the GameGuard folder does not seem to matter.

Apparently you can use the .des files from the Chinese version over top of yours and it works fine.

Found the solution at the bottom of this thread.

But, because you don't need to go chasing links... here's the .des file in the form of a .rar as linked on the forums (no registration required to download for this site!).

Open up this folder for 64bit:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSoft\Aion\bin32
For 32bit, AION will just BSOD in Win7 right now, I'm assuming this is going to be fixed by Aion later.

Then rename GameGuard.des to GameGuard.bullshit and copy in the one from the rar supplied here. Presto, it works! You're Welcome!

If you appreciate, please drop a comment thanks!
Oh.. and if you can't extract it, download winrar from

(written from windows live writer)