Adobe's AC_FL_RunContent and Lightbox 2 can't work at the same time in IE 7

I don't know much javascript, but from what I can see... using both the AC_FL_RunContent.js script from Adobe for embedding flash objects and Lightbox 2 from won't work at the same time in IE7.

It looks like IE7's fault - like normal - because Chrome and FireFox do it right. Taking out either lightbox's javascript or Adobe's makes it work... but no combination of the two I see does.

Anyway, If i have both of these javascript files in the header of any web page, I get the following:

Line: 3975
Char: 9
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Clode: 0

The image then comes up as if it were linked to directly.

Total crap!!! Anyone else getting this out there?