Windows 7 has more than the others are saying.

When you learn to live in an operating system, even the smallest changes make a big difference in how you use it. Here are some changes I've noticed with Windows 7 that I haven't read anywhere else:

The good:

  • When choosing a default audio device, you do not need to restart programs to change audio outputs. Sound will immediately switch over to the new device.
  • Games and other full screen, 3D accelerated applications alt-tab nearly instantly!
  • When pressing alt-enter for full screen mode on some windows, the start bar now hides behind correctly and predictably. Sometimes in Vista you would have to press the start button then click on the full screen application for it to move to the background correctly.
  • My keyboard volume keys just seem to work a lot snappier... there was a lag there before when in games.
  • My monitors were correctly identified automatically!
  • The new backup system is wonderful! It will target network locations and handle drive mapping automatically. Even to a Linux computer running samba!
  • The search feature seems to work better, and they've added a lot of built in terms. For example, searching 'programs' reveals a variety of choices such as 'Install a program" instead of just 'add/remove programs'
  • The new startup options for recovery are much, much better. They support restoring from an image and an automatic troubleshooter all within a nice GUI with options.
  • Windows seem to behave much better on remote desktop. they never seem to be too big or too small if I was connecting from a system with a much different resolution.
  • The bad:

  • Punkbuster does not work in CoD4, I have to play on servers with hackers.
  • PowerTray does not give me right click options on windows like always on top anymore - I loved that app!
  • My Sound Blaster Audigy Xtreme Audio BSODs the OS.
  • When I put an application shortcut for chrome onto my taskbar along with Chrome, it things I just have two copies of chrome open (technically I do) and I would like it to figure that out depending on what I click.
  • My gadets broke. They no longer do anything when clicked in the control panel and do not show up on the desktop.
  • When on dual monitors, I cant lock a window to the side of the screens that meet each other. I can only auto-resize something there with the keyboard shortcuts.
  • The keyboard shortcut to enable/disable a projector just turns off your second monitor if you're on a dual monitor desktop.
  • If you change networks on your system, it will automatically assume its a new public network and turn all firewall rules back on. If you're changing NIC settings remotely, this will lock you out until you change the network type from the console again. ew.
  • As a side note, my friend pointed out that any gadget that works with Google desktop can be converted to a windows gadget to run natively: Amnesty Gadget Converter

    More to come.