Boot UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) from your Android phone (T-Mobile G1)

I was thinking about neat things to do with all the space on my 4Gb Micro SD card one day when I realized... I could put a bootable OS on there! The first one that came to mind was my personal favorite utility CD: UBCD. Ultimate Boot CD lets you view drive contents and tons tons more. Any computer that can boot off a USB device is yours to use. Since the G1 can use up to 16Gb SDHC memory cards, there's plenty of room to install and boot... anything!

I did some quick Googling and found this helpful site that explains just how to boot UBCD off of a thumb drive. It's actually quite easy.

Step 1:
Get a microSD or SDHC card that is at least 500Mb and install it in your G1. For newbies: the slot flips open just below the green call button, you'll have to put the keyboard up to see it.

Step 2:
Get a USB cable and hook your G1 into your computer. Slide the notification pane down and select the item named 'USB Connected' then choose 'Mount' from the popup options.

Step 3:
Download and install UBCDfix2.exe which I have re-hosted on this blog here. If you don't trust me, an alternate location is listed on the post. Run the EXE and extract the files to a folder named UBCD on your desktop.

Step 4:
Download the most current UBCD image. Here's a link. Move it into the root of the UBCD folder you created on your desktop and put the UBCDfix2 files in.

Step 5:
From the UBCD folder on your desktop, click fixubcd2.bat and follow the onscreen instructions.

DONE! You should now be able to reboot into your thumb drive. Be sure your motherboard both supports booting from a USB device and has the priority for that set above the normal hard drive. On a newer Dell, you can hit F12 to directly choose what to boot off of. Not only can you still save data to your thumbdrive from your G1 like usual, but you can get to all the stuff on your G1 via the UBCD you boot off of too.
[caption id="attachment_179" align="aligncenter" width="542" caption="Boot UBCD from your G1 Phone"]Boot UBCD from your G1 Phone[/caption]

Oh yeah, and for all you guys who think the USB headset was stupid on the G1, consider USB headsets a blessing. Your headset can now talk back to the phone. Did you know you can press the button on the headset to switch songs or start playing music without even unlocking or touching your phone? You can also do all this over Bluetooth 2.0 once Cupcake releases this month too. I picked up a Voyager 855 just for that.

EDIT: Though it's possible to install UBCD4Win onto your G1, I do not have the steps outlined here yet. I will return in the future and post them. UBCD4Win lets you browse the web with firefox, use a full featured GUI and run tons of programs.

Enjoy! Subscribe and comment.