The power of the QR code

[caption id="attachment_152" align="aligncenter" width="294" caption="QR Codes Kick Ass"]QR Codes Kick Ass[/caption]

See that? That's a QR code. It's not a UPS package - it's my contact information. QR codes can be scanned by camera phones for instant addition of contacts. Ever hear of a business card scanner? Yeah, stupid idea - QR codes... GOOD idea. Check out this video, the guy talks too much like most Mac users:

That link was:

The only problem I've had with this system is that not all bar code readers or generators will automatically figure out that it's contact information. for instance, if the bar code generator or the PEBCAC generating it chose 'text' then the message will come out without any of the handy one touch functions. Gotta use a good generator, this one works well enough. I found one better at one point that had a website link and all, but I've long since lost it.

QR readers are available on almost any phone model and will become more and more standard. Actually, as I read slashdot tonight, Microsoft has just released Microsoft Tag... which is a sort of Microsoft version of this functionality. It kind of says to me: "Tag, your idea is consumed!" Way to throw a boulder in the world's stream Msft. All that aside, I'm glad this will be something we can look forward to doing in the future - I'm sure you are too.

Having one of these babies on the back of your business card helps bridge the gap between tangible notes and electionic information... just like one of my favorite programs, Evernote, which saves things from your phone's camera, Windows clipboard board or mac (whatever they call it) into an online account sync'd across all your devices and available online. Even images are text-recognized so you can search things by the words in an image. Might sound a bit much, but holy cow has it saved me a number of times.

So what I hope you take away from this is: Start using QR codes on your stuff, they work in even small pictures and are on the bleeding edge of the adoption curve for the US.