Sound Blaster Audigy X-fi Xtreme Audio Crashes Windows 7

EDIT: A commenter has linked to a beta version of some drivers from Creative. They are confirmed to fix my issue and I can now use my Sound Blaster Audigy X-fi Xtreme Audio card within Windows 7. The link to download is here: These drivers are located on the Creative forum here as well:

So, if you attempt to install a Sound Blaster Audity X-fi Xtreme Audio on Windows 7, your computer will no longer boot. The world on the street is that anything that works in Vista, like this card (Vista Certified) will work in 7. Well, it dosen't. I just picked this card up from Best Buy today because my last Sound Blaster card, which did not have drivers to Vista because it was too old, was going to static and going silent all the time. Creative just does not care enough to write drivers for new operating systems, forcing you to buy new stuff.

How much did I pay for this Vista certified sound card that does nothing but turn my computer into a blue box? No less than 55 dollars.

OK OK I know Windows 7 is in beta, but c'mon - if nothing is going to change between Vista and 7 as long as compatibility goes, why is it broken in the first place?

On the good side, I got to see all the new recovery options Windows 7 includes, which don't work yet and thus wont help me.

So right now I'm booted into windows and the card is not installed. If I dare run the driver install, I won't be booting again without first going to safe mode and erasing this stuff. It will blue screen before setup finishes, no matter how minimal the install I choose. Yes, I've tried all the troubleshooting steps you could probably think of.

okay, end rant...