Watch Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and more on your TV with 'PlayOn!'

The guys over at MediaMall have created what we should of had a long time ago: A way to watch Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, CNN, MSNBC and more on any TV connected to an XBOX360, Playstation 3 or a media center extender. And really, it was quick and simple to setup.

Most methods of doing this on the net involve using a media center add-on and never worked that well. The software is currently in beta so a few features don't work yet; like selecting videos from Hulu out of your queue. Oh, and it costs a one time 30 dollar fee after the 45 day trial is up...

Download the software you install on your PC by clicking Here. (they'll want your email)

Once you install the software you will have a service that runs in the background named MediaMall; this service advertises on uPnP to your XBox360, PlayStation 3 or Media center extender. To access the videos on the device, look for videos on the network (not media center). On my XBox360, this was on the 'Media' blade. Things buffer up pretty fast and I can watch almost all my favorite series right on my living room TV. The technology isn't new, but it's getting really affordable!

Altogether, I think TV via internet is the future. Less commercials, more on-demand and HD soon.