Vista will NOT open more than 15 of an image, document or other file at the same time

I've always stuck up for Vista in the past, because there is a lot of good to come from it, and moving forward is a great idea; even if that sometimes leaves the older crap unusable.

However, I just got my buttons pushed (computer pun). I downloaded a great little app called vjpeg. It's very useful and opens up images as windowless pictures that can be moved around your desktop, resized with some clever gestures not listed on the site and most importantly, opened VERY fast. vjpeg is 98K.

SO I found that the best way to use this ultra fast picture opener would be to highlight a buncha' pictures and open up right to my desktop. Lets say, 25 pictures.

Guess what? Can't do it in vista. The instant you select more than 15 pictures, vista DISABLES the 'Open' option and replaces the default action with PRINTING. This limitation does not just apply to pictures, it's that way with notepads too.

Their reasoning: It causes system slowdowns.

My reasoning: Let me do whatever the F I want to with my PC. If i want to open 25 pictures with a 98K viewer, let me do it. I didn't buy a load of memory and a dual core processor AND video card just to let windows tell me that I'm a danger to myself by opening too many files at once.

Get your head on strait, Microsoft.