Skype 4 Beta is On the way to Success, but not there yet!

The Skype 4 beta has a lot of awesome new features, but still needs some more options, and the final polishing on the interface. However, video call conferencing works much better than before, as does the 'recent conversations' feature. And for 3 dollars a month with skype pro for a number people can call you on, and nearly unlimited in/out calls... it's a must have for anyone with a headset!

On top of this, I use google's Grand Central as a main number. When I end up buying my HTC Diamond (drool), my number wont change, i'll just update it on Grand Central.

The major problem I have is that, unless you press control-w, or click the 'pop out' button, you're left with this hulking window with all your contacts on it, PLUS your voice chat with lots of fluff space. Don't get me wrong, i love fluff - but CLEAN fluff, please!

All in all, this program needs a few features to make it more minimalistic, and i'll be in love.

Check out:
Grand Central
Skype Beta 4