Outlook 2007 preview plane blank, input initials box flashes up, and Outlook will not close

In the process of configuring someone's email, it worked for a day and then somthing wacky started happning. The next day the user went to go check their email, all of the preview panes were blank for any email he clicked on, and outlook would give the error that 'another dialogue box is open' when he tried to click reply, forward, or new email.

Upon further investigation I found that outlook 2007 would not close, and quickly flashed up a screen displaying the 'input initials' prompt when it was restarted. Outlook also attempted to show a window that said 'configuring accounts', even thought that process had already been run at a different time.

Turns out that somthing was wrong with outlook, or one of the other programs on the computer was interfearing with it. Outlook was opening a prompt for initials, auto-hiding it, then throwing errors about a prompt being open.

I found this article online that suggested just opening another office product, inputting initials there, and re-opening outlook:

It worked great, and I should have throught of it!