Overclocking, and Monitoring Tools

Recently ive been working on overclocking my dual core to the optimal level for stability and performance. With the help of three separate tools, I think i've found a good match for that. I needed a tool to stress-test my processor, a tool to monitor the heat of my processor and it's cores, and a third tool to show me the current settings my processor was configured for.

All 3 Tools

CPU-Z: Monitors current core speed, bus speed, multiplier, and gives loads of other important information.
Orthos: Stress test for CPU. Allows you to select any mixture between pure processor or pure RAM tests. Great for getting the maximum stability out of your processor(s). I thank Greg Dallavalle for this one.
CoreTemp: Awesome freeware temperature monitoring for dual core systems. This did report about 10-14C over my actual temps, though. Still a key componet to this package.

Then, as a 'bouns' fourth item, I have been using CPU-Control, which allows you to assign each process you run to a specific core. For example, I can run winrar extrations in one core, along with windows media player, and outlook while the second core (plus any leftover of the first core) runs IE, or windows media center or just whatever! This is a great way to do a lot of things with little interfearence with your normal computing experience. Just make sure you don't press the 'X' and close it, it must be minimized to tray. Play with this and the tools above, you can effectively run one core at a time and watch how the heat effects the other core(s). It's a lot of fun.

Download: Processor Tools.zip
Download: CPU-Control at SoftPedia

All freeware!