Judging the Stupidity of GitHub Projects by Stars and Forks

As it turns out, the ratio of forks to stars on github is a pretty fun way to measure a project!

Rserve Chef Cookbook Released

The Chef community didn't have a good cookbook for deploying Rserve in a headless daemon, so I created one. This cookbook installs R, Rserve, and sets up a daemon that listens on port 6311. Works with CentOS 6.

Disable 'Bluetooth Disconnected' alerts on Garmin Vivosmart

The Garmin Vivosmart is a great and often overlooked smartwatch. It has a seven day battery life and real time notifications from your phone along with all the standard fitness tracker features you would expect. However, it took some tweaking to make this watch really shine.

(go-redis-migrator) Migrate keys between Redis hosts or clusters using GO

I came across the need to migrate keys from a production Redis cluster to a single Redis instance on my development servers. I used it as an opportunity to write something in GO. Here is go-redis-migrator!

git + markdown = ikiwiki

ikiwiki is a free and open source markdown enabled wiki that does version control with git and has a web interface for people who can't. I made a cookbook for deploying it on CentOS!

folioGallery - drop in PHP gallery

folioGallery is a super easy way to turn folders full of pictures into a browsable website. I cloned it and threw it up on Github with some improvements that let it scale to any number of pictures per folder.

Meet LightningPHP

I have been writing an application that is planned to scale pretty big. This means that every 1% of processing time saved turns into a big bottom line difference in the budget. I created LightningPHP to work very similar to CodeIgniter but to more importantly and always foremost run extremely fast. During my tests, my code ran 15 times faster with HHVM and LightningPHP over Codeigniter, PHP and Apache.

Google's new "inbox" freaks me out...

found a way to get an invite to Inbox and quickly deployed it to all my devices. I then went through every option available. The idea is that you take an action on every item (which is now more than just email now) that comes into your inbox...